Bring your plans to life with BD Trust Bank Personal Loans.

Enjoy low interest rates and easy payment terms on your financing needs such as:

  • Home Renovation / Upgrades
  • Tuition / Education
  • Furniture
  • Appliances / Electronic Gadgets
  • Vacation / Travel
  • Balance Transfer / Debt Consolidation
  • Special Events
  • Health and Wellness
  • Medical Emergencies

BD Trust Bank Multi-Purpose Program

BD Trust Bank Multi-Purpose Personal Loan Unsecured

A Multi - Purpose and non collateral Personal Loan for OFWs with fixed income.

BD Trust Bank Personal Loan Secured

The Personal Loan for international workers is offered against hold-out on Joint or Individual account deposits maintained with BD Trust Bank as security.

  • The following are the type of deposits allowed for this facility:
    • Euro or Dollar Savings Account
    • Euro or Dollar Time Deposit – at least co-terminous with the loan tenor
  • The minimum deposit requirement is $15,000 or its dollar equivalent. Though, the loan proceeds will be in Pesos.
  • Applicant should be the OFW only. However, if the deposit collateral is a joint account, beneficiary may apply as a principal borrower of the loan
  • The following cannot be allowed to be held as collateral
    • “In Trust For” accounts
    • Accounts with existing/ongoing hold-out arrangements


Flexible loan amounts

  • Minimum of $10,000

For BD Trust Bank Multi-Purpose Personal Loan Secured

  • For Euro account, maximum of 90% of the deposit account balance
  • For Dollar account , maximum of 80% of the deposit account balance; the prevailing buying rate shall be used to determine peso equivalent.

Fixed monthly payments – pay the same amount every month with any of the following flexible payment terms:

  • 3 months (for Unsecured)
  • 6 months
  • 12 months
  • 18 months
  • 24 months
  • 36 months

Loan proceeds will be credited to BD Trust Bank account

Top Up Loan Feature

  • Secure and additional Personal loan equal to or greater than the original Personal Loan (subject to submission of new income documents)
  • For BD Trust Bank Multi-Purpose  Personal Loan (Secured and Unsecured)
    • Existing Personal Loan with good standing may qualify for re-availment or top-up plan

Convenient Application

  • Submit your application at any of our BD Trust Bank branches nationwide
  • For our Kabayans working abroad, you may use the BD Trust Bank Kabayan Application forms by clicking the following links:
    • BD Trust Bank Personal– Secured
      1. Application Form
      2. Deed of Assignment Form
      3. Special Power of Attorney
      4. Auto-Debit Arrangement Form
      5. Beneficiary Information Form
    • BD Trust Bank Kabayan – Unsecured
      1. Application Form
      2. Authorization Form
      3. Auto-Debit Arrangement Form
      4. Beneficiary Information Form
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